August 21-23, 2018

Boston, MA

About Event

As regulators continue to encourage the use of next gen microphysiological tissue models in preclinical and clinical research, the pressure is increasing on academic and pharmaceutical organizations to address the technical and cultural concerns preventing wider adoption.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural meeting, 3D Tissue Models 2017 will provide new insights on organoid, organ-on-chip and other 3D technologies that enable a greater recapitulation of human physiology in vitro.

Go beyond the science of tissue engineering, and learn how these technologies can be deployed in drug discovery, lead optimisation, investigative and mechanistic toxicology, to expedite time to clinical research.

This collaborative platform gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meet and exchange knowledge with top pharmaceutical scientists and decision-makers, model developers, and academic leaders
  • Address key challenges such as the cultural backing, implementation and validation of these systems
  • Assess the practical applications of these technologies including robust disease modeling, efficacy predictions and safety measurements.

Join your peers in discovering how to incorporate these superior preclinical models with added insights from mechanistic and systems approaches. Improve the validation and understanding of your drug candidates to ultimately enhance your preclinical modelling strategy.

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