August 21-23, 2018

Boston, MA

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The 3rd Annual PREDiCT: 3D Models 2018, (previously 3D Tissue Models), will delve into over 30 data-driven, granular case-studies to give you the complete picture of the tangible applications of 3D Tissue Models within preclinical research.

Download the event guide and you’ll be able to see the full session details, speaker line-up as well as a breakdown of the audience demographics and registration discounts for PREDiCT: 3D Models 2018.

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What makes this event unique?

symbol logo A concerted attempt to provide an ambiance at the conference that encourages interaction, exchange of ideas and networking opportunities among all participants.
symbol logo A high-quality scientific program dedicated to exploring the applicability of spheroids, organoids, PDX and chip-based platforms in IO and oncology.
A multidisciplinary mix of participants representing consortia, leading scientists and pharmaceutical business leaders.

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“I thought the conference was very focused. It was time well spent. I learned a lot and had productive networking sessions.” Genentech