August 21-22, 2019
Boston, MA

About Event

Enhancing the Predictive Confidence of Models-Based Discovery & Development

Our mission has been and remains to be, providing a forum that unites stakeholders to openly explore the variety of 3D models now at our fingertips and overcome the remaining translational, organizational and development barriers to use.

Driven through pharmaceutical insights of early adopters, PREDiCT: 3D Models looks beyond the science of tissue engineering and offers the chance to discover the disruptive preclinical strategies utilizing advanced in vitro models to optimize their discovery and translational workflows.

Unlike other meetings which only skim the surface of this topic or explore these systems from a bioengineering perspective, PREDiCT: 3D Models is a dedicated conference that explores a singular theme: The true utility and applicability of 3D Tissue Models within biopharmaceutical research.

Whether you’ve already established 3D models into your efforts or are just about to, plug into a ready-made network of peers who continue to redefine this area and have already solved the variety of challenges you’re facing, finding shortcuts to solve your biggest problems.