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As the only industry-focussed 3D tissue modelling community globally, where you won’t get lost in the crowd, we are working with the likes of MIMETAS, Corning, Molecular Devices and more…

Can we help you elevate your capabilities within this fast-growing market?

The 9th 3D Tissue Models Summit will return to Boston in May 2024 to continue uniting a 60+ audience of experts across the preclinical and translational level and enable them to share their latest case studies in implementing complex in vitro models across their workflows.

As more advanced 3D models undergo development and validation, this community is energized to innovate their drug pipeline, but lack the clarity to implement this. Our community members are attending to identify the right solution providers to help them integrate these models into their workflows and move to the next phase with confidence. 

If you wish to align your brand with the growing complex in vitro modelling community, showcasing your technical prowess and forging new connections in this thriving industry, we can collaborate to create a unique commercial partnership tailored to fulfill your specific business needs within this field

Our thought leaders from pharma and biotech are looking for
long-term partners to support them in:

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Implementing validated complex in vitro models to uncover disease pathogenesis, screen & access candidate efficacy to ensure better translation into humans.

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Enhancing more accurate cell complexity within their model of choice through 3D bioprinters.

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Analyzing deeper levels of disease complexity within their mode by implementing accurate imaging & software platforms.

Who Could You Connect With?

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Meet New Drug Developers Including:

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