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Draper is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, which means its primary commitment is to the success of clients’ missions rather than to shareholders. For either government or private sector customers, Draper leverages its deep experience and innovative thinking to be an effective engineering research and development partner, designing solutions or objectively evaluating the ideas or products of others. Draper will partner with other organizations — from large for-profit prime contractors, to government agencies, to university researchers — in a variety of capacities. Services Draper provides range from concept development through delivered solution and lifecycle support. Draper’s multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists can deliver useful solutions to even the most critical problems.

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Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of new medicines with physiologically-relevant, structured human cells in high density plates. We develop and manufacture human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac and neuronal platforms for high throughput drug toxicity and efficacy screening. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, our human models enable scientists to economically conduct research in a simplified workflow. StemoniX microHeart® products provide researchers with structurally aligned cardiac cells resembling native human heart tissue with accelerated features of cell maturity, essential in predicting drug toxicity and efficacy. We also collaborate with drug discovery organizations to operationalize their human cells for drug screening.

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TARA Biosystems

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TARA Biosystems, Inc. provides predictive, in vitro human cardiac tissue models for use in drug discovery and safety assessment. TARA Biosystems offers a high fidelity solution that is based on human stem cell-derived cardiac tissue matured to physiologically relevant adult-like levels and provides direct measures of cardiac functionality, including contractile force. The TARA solution will provide safety data earlier in the development cycle and a high fidelity discovery model.

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AxoSim’s Nerve-on-a-Chip technology predicts clinical results from the benchtop, helping pharmaceutical companies develop safer and more effective drugs. Employing micro-engineering techniques and novel biomaterials, AxoSim has developed a 3D iPSC-based model which mimics living tissue in both form and function, enabling in vivo metrics from an in vitro platform. The Nerve-on-a-Chip platform delivers high-content data as a more accurate, less expensive, and faster alternative to animal testing.

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Xylyx Bio is harnessing the power of tissue-specific extracellular matrix for both cell culture and tissue regeneration applications. By bringing the native in-vivo environment to the in-vitro setting, Xylyx Bio’s tissue-specific ECM substrates support cell culture models that are significantly more predictive of human physiology, thus facilitating acceleration of drug discovery and development. We are committed to providing scientists with biomimetic solutions that transform the way biomedical research is conducted. From the very beginning, cells can be cultured in vitro but still studied in their natural environment – leading to better science and faster translation of results.


SCREEN Holdings

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The SCREEN Group traces its history back 150 years to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, a lithographic printing shop founded in Kyoto in 1868. In 1934, we succeeded in producing Japan’s first photographic glass screens, eventually leading to our R&D division being spun off as an independent venture company in 1943 to become Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. Our corporate name actually originated with those first glass screens. As the SCREEN Group has grown, we have built our expertise in the areas of surface processing, direct imaging and image processing, developing them into our three core technologies. Working from this foundation, we have continued to target sustainable growth, including the development of new business opportunities, with a view to creating a strong and diversified corporate portfolio.


Advanced Solutions

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Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (ASLS) is dedicated to the discovery, design, and development of integrated software and hardware solutions for the fields of science that involve 3D living organisms, molecular biology, and biotechnology. Founded in 2013, ASLS has rapidly become one of the top 5 bioprinting companies in the world. ASLS operates as an integrated and full-service business model providing 6 products and services. Intellectual property assets are the 3D modeling software TSIM®, the BioAssemblyBot® which is the first commercial 6-axis robotic 3D printer/fabricator, and the Angiomics™ vascularization technology including IPM™/VIPM™, all of which are sold as products and services.

The Angiomics™ is a solution derived from the Lab Innovations effort at ASLS which uses ASLS technology solutions to develop applications and solutions for a variety of biofabrication needs. In addition, ASLS sells bioinks used in bioprinting as well as disposables and other supplies used in biofabrication. Finally, ASLS provides fabrication services to a variety of customers. Because of these novel product lines and full-service capabilities, the ASLS strategy is to continue to innovate new solutions around these products, positions ASLS to remain at the forefront of biofabrication and related technologies.