Best Practices of Culturing 3D Tissue Models from Organoids To Organ-On-A-Chip For Advanced Drug Discovery

Time: 8:30 am
day: Pre-Conference Day AM


The 3D modelling field has grown substantially in the past few years, with many different model types gaining considerable interest to support drug discovery and development efforts. Organoids have quickly become a mainstay for in vitro workflows; however, they have their limitations that need to be addressed to better support disease progression studies and drug development. Newer models including the organ-on-a-chip are coming to the fore to overcome some of these limitations, albeit having their own when it comes to cost and ease of culturing without prior experience.

Join this workshop to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to:

• Incorporate hydrogels and add more complexity into your model system to support disease progression studies

• Uncover effective troubleshooting strategies to address common challenges in organoid/organ-on-a-chip culturing

• Understand quality control measures to ensure reproducibility and reliability in your in-house organoid/organ-on-a-chip experiments