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Welcome to the 7th Annual 3D Tissue Models Summit 2022

Within the PREDiCT series, the 3D Tissue Models Summit, stands out as the only industry-focussed 3D tissue models summit delving into real-world applications for drug discovery and development and how to leverage such data as part of the regulatory approval package. This summit provides the community not only unparalleled educational opportunities but also form pre-competitive collaboration.

With rapid progress made in iPSC-related 3D cell culture and tissue models, the past 12 months have shown promising results of such platforms for drug screening, ADME, efficacy study for pharma and biotech. These have instilled confidence amongst preclinical, translational, and pharmacology scientists which enable increased productivity, improved understanding of vascular biology, more predictive toxicity of the liver, but also opening the doors for biomarker discovery and treatment guidance for precision medicine in the future – all of which would complement animal’s model data to enhance clinical translatability for candidate success.

The 7th annual event will return to Boston in 2022 to provide an update on 3D model advancements, and how they can complement existing models to increase productivity and clinical relevancy to accelerate bench-to-bedside development.

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