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Thank You for attending the 9th 3D Tissue Models Summit -
Your Intimate Industry-Focussed Forum

The 3D Tissue Models Summit stood out as the only industry-led meeting dedicated to interrogating case studies and practical applications of 3D tissue models in drug development in an intimate forum where you can meet all your like-minded peers.

With the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 enabling non-animal models to be integrated into drug pipelines and pharma giants including Merck planning to phase out animals across their processes, the organoid and spheroid market is projected to boom to $2.1 billion by 2027. Alongside this growth, the notoriously high failure rates of animal model predictability to humans, and the need for more clarity on how to employ these models at scale, remain.

Building on this momentum, the 9th annual event returned to Boston in May 2024 to provide an update on complex in vitro model advancements, and how to implement them at scale to boost clinical confidence and empower faster drug discovery and development. Be part of the dialogue to confidently empower the new era of drug development beyond animal and 2D models.

With brand new content spanning drug discovery through to efficacy and toxicology, here’s what’s the Summit showed us:


Delve into strategies to accurately develop and leverage organ-on-a-chip models of the kidney, blood-brain barrier and lung to supercharge efficient drug efficacy studies across multiple disease indications


You will have the unique opportunity to exchange challenges, inspire solutions with leading industry experts across dedicated speed-networking sessions as well as assess the latest technologies over the last 12 months 


Deep dive into optimized processes to implement proteomics, spatial biology, high-content focal imaging and more across a multitude of complex in vitro models to interrogate model components to support better understanding of disease pathobiology 


Meet and network with selected model developers, 3D bioprinting providers and academics to hear their latest platforms that will optimize your workflows 

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