2023 Partners

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Program Partner

Corning is a global, leading manufacturer of lab tools for growing cells, bioprocess manufacturing, liquid handling, benchtop equipment, among other solutions for life sciences. Corning strives to improve efficiencies and develop innovations that enable researchers to create breakthrough discoveries in areas like cancer, primary cells, stem cells, drug discovery, cell and gene therapy and lab automation. Learn more about Corning's novel 3D cell culture tools for oncology assays and high throughput screening by visiting:



Screen Group
Expertise Partner

SCREEN is a leader in the areas of imaging and electronics technology. Scientists at SCREEN have implemented their technology in the Life Sciences by developing robust, versatile imaging platforms with a broad spectrum of applications for 2D and 3D in vitro and ex vivo assays to perform high-speed imaging and analysis of the phenotypic and morphological changes in complex 3D cellular/tissue structures. Additionally, SCREEN’s MED64 electrophysiology platforms provide the most-sensitive microelectrode arrays for
label-free functional assays with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes or/and neurons. SCREEN technology is accelerating research in the field of regenerative medicine, multiple disease areas including oncology/immune-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases.



Spotlight Partner

Curi Bio provides a seamless, bioengineered integration of human stem cells, systems, and data to accelerate the discovery of new medicines. Curi’s suite of human stem cell-based products and services enable scientists to build mature and predictive human iPSC-derived tissues—with a focus on cardiac, skeletal muscle, and neuromuscular models—for the discovery, safety testing, and efficacy testing of new therapeutics. Curi seeks to de-risk and expedite the development of new drugs by decreasing the industry’s dependence on animal models, which often fail to translate to humans. By providing researchers human-relevant preclinical data at the earliest stages of the development pipeline, Curi aims to dramatically accelerate the discovery and development of safer, more effective medicines.



Boston Micro Fabrication
Spotlight Partner

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) specializes in micro precision 3D printing. The company's microArch system uses a 3D printing approach called PμSL (Projection Micro-Stereolithography) that leverages light, customizable optics, a high-quality movement platform and controlled processing technology to produce the industry's most accurate and precise high-resolution 3D prints for product development, research and industrial short run production. The technology represents a true industry breakthrough by empowering product manufacturers to capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing without sacrificing quality or scale.  Founded in 2016, BMF has offices in Boston, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Tokyo. For more information on BMF please visit www.bmf3d.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.



Exhibition Partner

CELLINK is the leading bio-convergence company and a global provider of technologies, products and services to create, understand and master biology. With a focus on the areas of bioprinting, biosciences and industrial solutions, the company develops and markets innovative technologies that enable researchers in the life sciences to culture cells in 3D, perform high-throughput drug screening and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. CELLINK’s products are trusted by more than 1,800 laboratories, including ones at all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, are being used in more than 60 countries, and have been cited in more than 700 publications.
CELLINK is creating the future of medicine.
CELLINK is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market under CLNK B.