Corning 2024 Partner

Expertise Partner

Corning is a global, leading manufacturer of lab tools for growing cells, bioprocess manufacturing, liquid handling, benchtop equipment, among other solutions for life sciences. Corning strives to improve efficiencies and develop innovations that enable researchers to create breakthrough discoveries in areas like cancer, primary cells, stem cells, drug discovery, cell and gene therapy and lab automation. Learn more about Corning's novel 3D cell culture tools for oncology assays and high throughput screening by visiting:

bennubio 2024 Partner

Innovation Partner

Flow cytometry is the most powerful tool for the analysis of cellular populations, but there is still a wealth of untapped potential for additional applications. BennuBio Inc. has greatly expanded the power of flow cytometry by developing instruments that can use the flow cytometry paradigm to analyze samples regardless of particle size or sample volume. Moreover, these instruments simplify workflows to save time and money. Our gentle approach retains sample viability and morphology while analyzing at considerably faster rates. Thereby, improving
diagnostics, decreasing time to markets, and accelerating fundamental health science research.