Safeguarding Model Replicability to Ensure Efficient Scaling Up of Models

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day AM


Biopharma’s goal is to ensure that any lead candidates that they deem to be the best should move along the pre clinical discovery pipeline and into patients. To further that goal, this workshop focuses on the critical aspect of safeguarding replicability in 3D tissue models to ensure a seamless and efficient scaling-up process in drug discovery and development in the most cost-effective way.

Leaders will empower you to:

• Understand key parameters, such as cell sourcing, culture conditions, and validation protocols, that lay the groundwork for consistent and reproducible results

• Identify common challenges encountered in maintaining replicability across diverse 3D tissue models

• Uncover strategies for seamlessly integrating replicability considerations into the scaling-up process of 3D tissue models