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Over the last 6 years, we have been supporting drug developers to adopt and commercialize 3D models as an integral part of drug development study.

The team at the 6th Annual PREDiCT: 3D Tissue Models Summit is excited to welcome you virtually to network, collaborate with, and learn directly from your peers.

This is your one and only industry-led meeting focusing specifically on complex 3D models' utility in your preclinical and translational studies; and how they can empower your predictability of clinical outcomes to de-risk and boost your understanding of complex human physiological interactions.

Join 80+ experts on scientific and real-world application dialogues with the likes of FDA, GSK, Takeda, MIT, and many more, sharing their journeys and lessons learned with complex in vitro models, compared with conventional in vivo and 2D cell studies.

With dedicated content uncovering insights into the preclinical, and translational science for oncology, neurodegenerative, respiratory, fibrosis, and the cardiovascular fields, this is a conversation not to miss!

What Previous Attendees have said:

“The depth of the discussion and opportunities to hear perspectives from those leading the industry on developing 3D tissue models made this an exceptionally valuable meeting”
Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Lead, Center for the Advancement of Science in Space

“I thought the conference was very focused. It was time well spent. I learned a lot and had productive networking sessions.”
Biochemical & Cellular Pharmacology, Genentech

Why This is an Unmissable Meeting in 2021:

Whether you are an early evaluator or a seasoned 3D model adopter, our tracked and packed schedule across 3 days will offer you a comprehensive view of how pharma, biotech, and regulatory agencies are progressing with more clinically translatable 3D models. Join us to:

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De-risk your clinical decisions with robust 3D model data with human physiological and clinical relevance

Engage with senior leaders and the FDA to understand 3D model data and model validation requirement for successful IND filing

Equip yourself with the latest high throughput screening (HTS), well-characterized micro-physiological system (MPS), microfluidic, and organ-on-chip model developments to fortify your safety, toxicology, and pharmacokinetic (PKPD) testing before first-in-human studies

Extrapolate tumor microenvironment, immune response and tumor metastasis insights from complex in vitro and ex vivo models to minimize off-target hit and drug resistance

Arm your biomarker validation through 3D models to enable better patient stratification and clinical endpoints

Integrate in vitro and ex vivo data in Ph1 for back translation for a sound feedback loop

Supercharge your disease modeling ability through complex multi-cellular/organ systems with human functionality and physiological relevancy, and expedite bench-to-bedside drug development for a truly safe, effective treatment for patients

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