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Since we embarked on the 3D tissue model journey with you 6 years ago, we have seen overwhelming breakthroughs in the complex in vitro field, from developing breast ex plant models using patient’s tumor cells to complex mini-brain organoids to study Rett syndrome.

The 6th PREDiCT: 3D Tissue Models Summit is the only industry-led summit focusing on real-world application of 3D models in drug discovery and development. With 25+ experts sharing fresh case studies on 3D Tissue Models data, how to foster technology maturation, and lower costs to drive industrial adoption, this is a conversation not to miss.

Our 2021 program will delve further into advanced 3D organoids, organ-on-chips, microphysiological systems (MPS), and tissue engineering – from oncology to other therapeutic areas – not only in preclinical safety and toxicology models but also back to translation in clinical Ph1 for biomarkers and patient stratification for better Ph2 design.

Join over 120+ senior leaders including Pfizer, Takeda, GSK, Roche, and FDA in September to re-engage in the dialogue.

Attending 2020
Agenda at a Glance - 3D Tissue Models (13)
Agenda at a Glance - 3D Tissue Models (12)