August 21-22, 2019
Boston, MA


“This was a great scientific meeting and networking opportunity. It brought together key players in the field to discuss important strategic issues of mutual interest.”

Brian R. Berridge, Head, WW Animal Research Strategy, GSK
3D Tissue Models 2016/2017 Meeting Chair


“The meeting was excellent. I was impressed with the array of highly relevant experts that were brought together to speak”

Andreas Baudy, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck
3D Tissue Models Attendee


“I thought the conference was very focused. It was time well spent. I learned a lot and had productive networking sessions.”

Hicham Alaoui, Director, Biochemical & Cellular Pharmacology, Genentech
3D Tissue Models Attendee


“Everything was new to me, and I truly enjoyed every session. Thank you.”

Howard Lee, Professor, Seoul National University
3D Tissue Models Attendee


“The 3D Tissue Models conference was a fantastic platform for industry and academics to come together and discuss how this field should and will move forward.”

Moody Suliman, Nortis
3D Tissue Models 2016/2017 Attendee


“A great forum for discussion and networking that is hard to find in larger conferences. Good to meet knowledgeable delegates ready to take action in their focus area”

Gwen Fewell, CCO, Synvivo
3D Tissue Models 2016/2017 Attendee


“The depth of the discussion, and opportunities to hear perspectives from those leading the industry on developing 3D tissue models made this an exceptionally valuable meeting – I look forward to participating in future sessions.”

Jana Stoudemire, Center for the Advancement of Science in Space
3D Tissue Models 2016 Attendee