Katia Karalis

Katia Karalis

Company: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Job title: Executive Director


Fireside chat: What Does the Future of 3D Tissue Modelling Look Like to You? 1:00 pm

Discussing the exciting model developments that have recently gained traction Uncovering the use of models for personalized medicine or personalized patient treatment regimes Addressing the potential use of artificial intelligence to empower current workflowsRead more

day: Day Two Track B PM

Harnessing Brain Organoids to Advance Neurodegenerative Drug Studies 11:30 am

Exploring the utilization of validated complex in vitro models to gain precise insights into the blood-brain barrier Discussing methodologies for validation, ensuring the fidelity and relevance of these models in supporting drug discovery efforts targeting the CNS Showcasing the translational potential of findings from the blood-brain barrier model to neurodegenerative medicine developmentRead more

day: Day Two PM

Developing Organoids to Better Understand the Intestinal System 9:45 am

Exploring the advancements in developing intestinal organoids as a robust platform for screening therapeutics Discussing how insights gained from the study of intestinal organoids contribute to optimizing regenerative approaches, offering new avenues for therapeutic development Uncovering best practices for maintaining replicability and explore considerations for scaling up these models to meet the demands of future…Read more

day: Day One

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