Hear What Previous PREDiCT 3D Tissue Models Summit Attendees Have Said:

"The 3D Tissue Models 2021 was one of the best conferences we attended this year to meet innovative leaders seeking to adopt more physiologically relevant tissue models for drug discovery. We will definitely be back!"

Director, Curi Bio

"Very rewarding. Resulted in several big pharma collaborations.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Aracari Biosciences

‘’Really enjoyed the conference. Great integration with speakers and delegates. The small size made it easier to make connections. Overall, the quality of the speakers and delegates was very high. I would definitely recommend it and hope to return next year’’

Group Lead, Gamma Delta Therapeutics

"This conference brought together a great mix of industry users of 3D tissue models, academic investigators, innovative suppliers, and regulatory stakeholders -- in an environment that fostered exchange and discussion."

CEO, InSphero AG

"Enjoyable, informative, excellent networking’’

PhD, University of Nottingham

“Succinctly and efficiently highlighted advances in the field and opportunities for advancement/adoption of new technologies to solve real-world problems.”

Senior Scientist, Toxicology, AbbVie

“I enjoyed the presentations and the opportunities to network with people working in the field. The intimate environment made it easy to ask questions and engage with everyone. I think the range of work was also impressive."

Research Scientist, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

“This meeting was well organized, had great topics and nice discussion, I really enjoyed the meeting.”

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

“Great opportunity to see the latest advances in complex tissue research and meet some solution providers in this space”

Principal Project Engineer, Novartis

"Excellent event! I loved the format which enabled networking and many discussions. It gave me a perfect overview of the industrial impact of the 3D culture tools."

Confirmed Attendee