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8:15 - 17:30 EST | 5:15 - 14:30 PST

8:15 am Morning Coffee Networking

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Embedding 3D Models into Your Drug Discovery & Development Program to Guide Clinical Outcomes – Why & How?

9:00 am Human Organs, Physiology & Engineering (HOPE) for Closing the Preclinical Gap

  • Annie Moisan Bioengineering Program Director, Wellcome Leap


• Discover how/if we can double the predictive value of preclinical models
• Place human immune biology at the core of next-generation in vitro platforms: Connecting lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues
• See demonstrations at convincing scale: Emerging technologies, multi ecosystem experts, metrics and real-world challenges

9:30 am Application of MPS Models in Investigative Toxicology: Current Challenges & Learnings


• Assess how MPS models are currently being applied to toxicology studies
• Gain more robust answers to key toxicity questions
• Apply current learnings to enhance future toxicology studies

10:00 am Fat-on-a-Chip for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Studies

  • Trivia Frazier President & Chief Executive Officer, Obatala Sciences


• Gain insight into the context of unique 3D cell culture capabilities, Faton-a-Chip products and services, and the portfolio of patent-ending and licensed technologies available in this area
• Explore studies that have been conducted and what areas of collaboration and partnership may exist to advance the field and/or conduct drug discovery and preclinical studies

10:20 am From Microphysiological to Micropathophysiological Systems

  • Thomas Hartung Chair for Evidencebased Toxicology & Director CAAT, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


• Hear about human-relevant models for drug development and product safety by modelling (patho-) physiology
• Asses quality assurance (GCCP 2.0) and reporting standards
• Gain insights toward a series of MPS world summits and an International society

10:50 am Morning Networking Break


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jump straight into your opportunity to connect with new contacts from active
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Economic Impacts of In Vitro & 3D Model Adoption

11:20 am Patient-Derived Organoids: the Next-Gen Models for Complex Diseases

  • Sylvia Boj Chief Scientific Officer , Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB)


  • The identification of adult stem cells in human epithelia and the development of HUB Organoid Technology
  • In vitro response of HUB Organoids directly correlates with the clinical outcome of the patient from which the organoid was derived.
  • Patient-derived organoids are suitable for being co-cultured with other cell types to represent more complex diseases and study the effect of drugs.

11:40 am Surviving the Technology Hype Cycle: Where MPS Are Having an Impact Today & Where They Are Needed Next


• Understand how to utilize MPS models successfully in your preclinical studies
• Look into the future to see how MPS can have the greatest impact

12:10 pm High-throughput Organ-on-a-Chip Platform for Disease Modeling & Therapeutic Screening


• Unlock novel biology using physiological relevant tissue environments
• Improve drug discovery efforts by applying better and faster assays
• Utilize deep understanding of complex diseases to discover novel therapeutics

12:30 pm Roundtable: How to Foster Collaboration & Select 3D Model Platforms to Scale-Up in Drug Discovery & Development


Led by:

Matthew Lech, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

Next Gen 3D Models: A Sneak Peek

2:00 pm Human Organ Chips: Clinical Mimicry in Preclinical Models


• Case study : Serially linking the vascular channels of multiple organ chips to quantitatively predict the tissue-specific distribution of chemicals across an entire system
• Update from Don Ingber’s Lab
• Hear what the future looks like for 3D models: challenges, opportunities and applications

2:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: 3D Microfluidic Disease Models


Join in discussion on the latest in 3D microfluidic models and how they can be successfully applied in drug discovery.

3:00 pm Afternoon Networking Break

3:30 pm Novel Host-Microbe In Vitro Model for Colorectal Cancer-Associated Anaerobic Bacteria & Microenvironment


• Utilize 3D tumor spheroids for novel host-microbe in vitro model development – from screening to microenvironment study
• Leverage low oxygen level in the model to ensure anaerobic bacteria survival and proliferation
• Evaluate high throughput screening capability and data so far
• Explore comparisons with classical models’ readouts
• Examine lessons learned and future direction of plug-and-play

4:00 pm Chips on the Moon

  • Kristin Fabre Chief Scientist; Assistant Professor, Translational Research Institute for Space Health, Baylor College


• Uncover the value that Chips on the Moon brings to research
• Learn how would chips on the moon would benefit terrestrial applications
• Hear what obstacles need to be addressed to accomplish this task
• Explore possible partnerships

4:30 pm Pioneering Bio-Platforms to Directly Handle Multiple Living Cells


• Learn about Bio-electrosprays and Cell electrospinning
• Discover applications for regenerative biology and medicine

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:10 pm Close of Summit