August 21-23, 2018

Boston, MA

The 2nd annual 3D Tissue Models 2017 will reveal the very latest advances in bioengineering and 3D cell culturing to help you strengthen the predictability and interpretation of your model-based research within preclinical  development.

Witness large pharma and leading academics demonstrate how to apply 3D models to improve the selection and validation of target molecules through more robust efficacy predictions, greater accuracy in safety measurements, and more representative disease modeling.

This is a chance to answer your critical questions about the true utility and limitations of these models in pharmaceutical development to help you to overcome key drug development, biological and cultural challenges to achieve rapid success within your organization.

Download the event guide for the full agenda.

"The depth of the discussion, and opportunities to hear perspectives from those leading the industry on developing 3D tissue models made this an exceptionally valuable meeting"

Jana Stoudemire,
Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Lead Center for the Advancement of Science in Space

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